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Previous Team Members


Master Students supervised

Iris Gaber, Broadcast in a Radio-Networks (1993-1994).


Sigal Sahar, Learning under the Fourier Transform algorithm (1994-1996).


Shimon Pozin, TAU Kita - a video conferencing system over ATM (1994-1996).


Menashe Cohen, Bandwidth Allocation Policies (1993-1996).


Mariano Schain, Learning with Maximum Entropy distributions (1995-1998).


Vladimir Goldner, Competitive On-line Algorithms for Financial Trading (1997-1998).


Eyal Even-Dar, Learning rates for Q-Learning (2000-2001).


Amir Maor, AdaVegas: Adaptive Control for TCP Vegas (2000-2002).


Nir Andelman, Competitive Analysis of Packet Scheduling in QoS switches (2000-2002).


Doron Jacoby, DiffServ and R-Learning (2000-2003).


Evgeny Drukh, Concentration Bounds for Unigrams Language Model (2002-2004).


Alexander Cheskis, Improvement of TCP connection throughput over noisy environment (2002-2006).


Yair HaleviA Network Creation Game With Nonuniform Interests (2005-2007).


Yuval Netzer Keyword Optimization in Search-Based Advertising Markets (2006-2011).


Asaph Arnon Repeated Budgeted Second Price Ad Auction (2009-2010).


Shai HertzAn Empirical Study of the Ad Auction Game in the Trading Agent Competition (2010-2012).


Tomer GreenwaldThe AdX game (2014-2018).


Tom JurgensonLearning Decision Trees with Stochastic Linear Classifiers (2015-2017).


Lior Shultz, Flow Equilibria via Online Surge Pricing (2016-2018).


Assaf YifrachFair Leader Election for rational agents in asynchronous rings (2016-2018).


Lee CohenOptimal Algorithm for Bayesian Incentive-Compatible Exploration (2016-2018).


Alon ReslerAdversarial Online Learning with noise (2016-2018).


Assaf Yifrach, Fair Leader Election for Rational Agents in Asynchronous Rings and Networks (2016-2018).


Lior Schultz, Flow Equilibria via Online Surge Pricing (2016-2018).


Yogev Bar-On, Individual Regret in Cooperative Nonstochastic Multi-Armed Bandits (2017-2019).


Idan Rejwan, Combinatorial Bandits with Full-Bandit Feedback: Sample Complexity and Regret Minimization (2017-2019).


Yuval Lewi, Thompson Sampling for Adversarial Bit Prediction (2017-2020).


Eliran Shabat, Sample Complexity of Uniform Convergence for Multicalibration (2018-2020).


Raphael Fettaya, Detecting malicious PDF using CNN (2018-2020).

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